Public Land Survey System Townships first divisions are normally Public Land Survey System Tracts or Public Land Survey System Sections. This entity is the primary or first subdivisions of a Public Land Survey System Township.


PLSS First Division ID

The PLSS First Division ID is a primary key which identifies each record in the Public Land Survey System Township First Division entity.

Domain: numeric

PLSS Township ID

The PLSS Township ID is a foreign key which points to a record in the Public Land Survey System Township entity, where information on the Public Land Survey System Township can be found.

Domain: numeric

First Division Type

The First Division Type of a Public Land Survey System Township is the primary or first subdivision category.

Domain: Unsectionalized Area, Section, Lot, Tract, Protraction Block, PLSS Tract, Parcel, Donation Land Claim, Fractional Section, free text

First Division Designator

The First Division Designator is the letter, number, or letter number combination that identifies the First Division.

Domain: free text

First Division Suffix

The First Division Suffix is the indicator for duplicate First Divisions.

Domain: free text

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